Locksmith Entry Techniques

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When you find yourself locked out or need to gain access to a rental property perhaps, the preferred method for all parties is non-destructive entry. This means that access is fully gained but the lock and door remain totally undamaged and can continue to be used in the original state. 
Sometimes though that’s simply not possible and so forced entry is the only option. However, what are all the methods that a locksmith may apply in order to gain entry – 
This method is normally performed on a Rim lock and is a very simple way of gaining access to property in a non-destructive way. The tool that is used for this is called a mica card but you may have seen this method being used before with a credit card as that can work equally as well. The card is slid between the door and frame and gets between the latch which then opens the door. Of course technique plays a part here so this will require a locksmith professional and in the event that the deadlock has been engaged, this method will not work. 
So snapping is used as a destructive entry method on euro cylinder locks and oval locks. Specific tools designed for this purpose are always used with this method and although it can be a quick way to gain entry it is advisable only a professional locksmith attempt this type of entry as over force can damage more than just the lock. The lock is placed in the snapping tool and force is applied to snap it. Once it has been snapped however the cam inside the door can be turned to gain access. Always remember high security locks are fitted with anti-snap features so this method will not work on one of these locks. 
This is another method to gain entry where a euro cylinder lock or oval lock is present. Once again this is a destructive method with specific tools which are designed for this and so only a professional locksmith should do this. Like snapping this method requires great skill as it can damage other features on a door. The lock is drilled with a screw which is left  protruding. The locksmith’s pulling device is then placed over the lock and wraps around the screw. It is then tightened until the lock snaps. As with snapping the cam inside the door can then be turned to gain access. 
If a destructive method is required then this is normally the most common used process simply because of the time it takes to complete. A drill will be required to do this although not every household / DIY  operated drill may be suitable for this so again it’s always advisable to only allow a locksmith to do this as they will have the correct drill and tools plus the required training and experience. The lock is drilled below the key entry point and will simply destroy the pins. Once all the pins have been destroyed (The amount of pins will depend on the lock) the the core of the lock can be turned to gain access. 
This is a non-destructive way of gaining access and although all locksmiths will have a pick rate set it’s not always possible. Lock manufacturers continue to develop locks which are harder to breach. This means properties are safer and intruders are finding it harder to get inside. This also means that the locks are simply not as simple as picking every time for the locksmith. However the way this is achieved is by simply applying tension to the core and then agitate the pins. With the right tension this should catch the pins on the shear line and once they have all been caught, the core will rotate with the tension being applied. 

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