Different Types of Locks

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Rim Lock 
These locks can be found on front doors of domestic properties although it is recommended that a mortise lock is a far better solution in terms of home security. If a  Rim lock is present and you don’t want to replace it then additional security measures such as internal bolts are always advisable. 
Rim locks were historically used on thin doors which were only 1 inch in thickness. However  most doors today range from between 1.5 to 2-inches so a mortise lock is the preferred method when it comes to selecting the lock which is fitted
Rim locks are a good solution for internal doors where security may not be a priority as much. This includes areas where privacy is the objective so bathrooms or an annex as an example. The entry methods for a Rim lock would be to slip the lock. However, if that is not possible as a non-destructive method then it would be drilled out. 
Multi Point Lock
The multi Point Lock is fitted in most instances to a UPVC frame and has what is referenced as a gearbox mechanism contained within it. This mechanism moves the rollers and hooks to numerous locking points. They are most commonly found on external doors in domestic properties and used as main front and rear entrance doors. As the door has more than 1 locking point it is far harder to force the door open than some of the other types of locks. The mechanism however will require the handle to be lifted when securing the lock and failure to do this will leave the door unsecured. If lock failure occurs in one of these doors then it is normally due to a mechanism issue which can be replaced. In the event that entry is required then the door is spread with an air wedge pump device to allow access to one of the internal rollers. Once located this can be driven down to the roller which should then release the locks , hooks , and rollers from the internal keeps. 
UPVC Window Lock 
UPVC window locks vary as the type of window you have fitted and the style used will influence what lock you have. The type of locks differ however and include locking handles , snap locks , sliding window locks , and locking window stays. Locks for windows are extremely robust so it’s rare for them to fail. They are something every security expert recommends as intruders will always try and find a window as an initial entry method. In addition many home insurance providers will ask for window locks as a term and condition in order to offer a policy. In the event that the mechanism is broken on a window then the entry method would be very similar to that of the Multi Point Lock. 
Cam Lock 
A Cam lock is normally fitted to letter boxes, office filing cabinets, and garage door handles. Cam locks can vary in size depending on what it is being used for. Depending on the specific lock, the key can sometimes only be retrieved once the lock is secured. This removes the potential for human error when locking a device fitted with a Cam Lock. The lock is L shaped in design and with a metal tube that has a hole in one side, this secures the tongue of the accompanying bolt. In most instances these locks can be  picked to gain access using what we call jigglers. However if this is not possible then they can be drilled out also. 

Oval and Euro-Cylinder locks 

The Oval and Euro-cylinder locks are most commonly found in the UPVC door but occasionally also in the Mortise lock as well. These can be used in both domestic and commercial premises but it is always recommended to use a 3 star rated cylinder which meets the British standard TS007. These locks have normally been tested to measure against intruder methods which include drilling, picking , bumping , snapping , and plug extraction. The size of the lock will vary from 70mm to 120mm but can be easily measured once removed. The variants of the lock include the Full Euro Cylinder Lock , Half Euro Cylinder Lock , and the Thumb Turn Design. Dimple locks are highly recommended as the keys have more combinations and are coded which means key cutting is not always possible. A dimple lock or High Security Cylinder lock  has also greater protection in terms of snapping , picking , and drilling so an intruder is less likely to be able to force entry. 

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